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Claire and Jen, ever so bloated from all the food they had already packed away, slowly lurched to their feet so they could take their leave. Neither one of them noticed the ear to ear grins the young boys were currently sporting, they were too worried about their sloshing bellies, and their struggle to find balance on their feet.

Once up, the boys helped the girls waddle out to the parking lot. Along the way Claire and Jen could be seen tugging their dresses down. After helping clean out all the catered food, their dresses were not as accommodating as they once were.

They followed as they were lead to the car of the older of the two boys. An awkward silence had fallen over the group as they worked towards their new location. In the quiet Claire’s thoughts drifted, and she started to think about the situation they were currently in. She started to question again why they were doing this? These boys were strangers, they didn’t even recognize them from their class. Was it all really just to prove his parents cooking was good? Or did they have an ulterior motive? The questions would have to go unanswered for now because as the car pulled out of the parking lot Jen decided to break the silence.

"So you boys don't look like juniors.” Jen accused, but still being nice to their new acquaintances. “What were you doing sneaking into our prom?"

"Yeah, we are only sophomores.” The one driving somberly admitted.

“Kenny just got his licence, and we thought we'd see how easy it was to sneak into your prom now that we had wheels.” The taller one riding in the back with Jen added.

“Jake here was the one who cracked the info on how to forge the tickets though.” It almost sounded like they were hyping each other up to each of the girls, but Claire and Jen were too preoccupied to notice something like that.

“Kenney and Jake, huh? You two boys seem to be quite crafty, I'm going to have to keep an eye on you two.” Claire giggled trying show that she was the leader of the group. “Well we got legitimate tickets to the prom, but we really only went because it was being catered by jumpin’ Jack's.”

“Claire!” Jen blurted out, embarrassed that Claire was giving out her food shaming secrets. Jen felt more aware of her size now than ever.

“What? It's not like we had a date who asked us to go.” Jen just felt like Claire was digging her into an even deeper grave, but her bubbly bestie had no clue.

Kenney with some quick thinking helped turn the ship around. "You’re kidding me, no one asked two hotties like you to the prom? There must be a lot of dumb guys in your class.” Kenney was being a little bold, but looking to make his feelings well known.

"That's what I told Jen.” Claire said teaming up with Kenney now. “I mean just look at Jen! Isn’t she a bombshell Jake?” Claire putting the scrawny sophomore on the spot. Jake, flustered, choked on his saliva a little bit. He glanced at Claire who had turned her head to the back seat to ask her question. He then proceeded to turn his attention to the voluptuous Jen who was sitting next to him in the semi cramped back seat. He took the briefest of seconds to scan the busty girls outline, noticing her rolling hips, pooch of a belly, and her roaring DD that were just asking to burst out of her tight dress.
“Uh.” The poor boy stumbled. “Yeah, I mean totally.” Turning his eyes back to Claire, before anyone could accuse him of creepily staring.

Jen's cheeks turned red, she hadn't gotten compliments like this outside of Claire for awhile now. “See?” Claire said to no one in particular. “I guess we are lucky you guys came along then. No good food left, no boys who appreciate us, what kinda prom is that?” The rhetorical question went unanswered, but the silence was ok because they had just arrived.

Kenny must not have lived far from the school because within minutes they were at his house. They welcomed the girls inside and walked them into the living room. The lights were all off so Kenny flipped some on as the made their way through the upper middle class home. “Are your parents not home?” Claire questioned, not used to being this secluded from adult supervision, but feeling electric because of it.

"Nope.” Kenny spoke as he showed the girls to some comfortable seats, not being able to take the obvious smile from his face. “You two must be famished after being so denied at that lame prom.”

“Well I mean we did get quite the serving before they ran out, but we did come here with the promise of a good meal, so let’s see what you got.” Claire retorted.

"Well well not so fast. Why don’t we start with some drinks and snacks before getting into the real deal?” Before the girls could finish their ambivalent shrugs Kenny and Jake had disappeared into the kitchen to grab the food. In their brief moment of silence Claire and Jen passed each other glances, as their fleshy bodies sunk into the cushiony seats. Each of them was enthralled at this interesting journey they were on, and rather than reflect on what was going on, they just soaked in each moment.

Within moments Kenny and Jake returned, each with a chip bowl and large sodas, handing them off to their impromptu dates. The girls didn’t wait to put handfuls of chips in their mouth and wash it all down with some cold soda.

As their slightly pent up appetite was quenched and their small snack was easily disappearing, the desire for something more substantial quickly showed itself.

"Chips are lovely, but I thought we came here for some real food." Jen said as she took the last chip from her bowl.

"Alright, alright.” Kenny quelled the growing hunger in the room. “No need to get antsy, I told you the real deal was yet to come." Kenny and Jake again disappeared into the kitchen, and this time when they returned they had with them two large plates of pasta. The girls started to dig into the pasta covered in alfredo sauce. As they ate they quickly came to the conclusion that this food was not better than Jumpin' Jack.

"No offence Kenny, but this is nowhere as good as Jumpin' Jacks. It's maybe on par with the stuff my mom makes. Didn't you say your parents were caterers?" Claire was starting to feel bamboozled by the boys they had only just met, maybe they had been sold a false bill of goods.

Jen was about to speak up to with her displeasure, but Kenny quickly jumped in to try and save the situation. "Come on ladies we are just getting started.” He chuckled, trying to relax everyone. “Let’s not be too hasty, plus I'm sure you have plenty of more room in there. There is plenty more to be had, this is just the start. We have to ease into it."

As the girls quietly ate the rest of their pasta Kenny ducked back into the kitchen, only to return with a massive 5 tiered chocolate cake. "Alright you girls want good, try this cake." Kenny said with a grin. The two girls complacent to try anything put before them turned their forks on the cake stand. After a few forkfuls the passable food critics were ready to pass their judgement.

"Pretty good Kenny, but I’ve certainly had better before. I don’t think you are living up to your promise. What else do you have back there?” Claire tried to move on, the cake obviously good, but not impressive enough.

"Not until you finish your cake." Kenny replied

"What? You can’t be serious. I mean it not bad, but come on now let’s see if you have anything better.” Claire tried to reason.

"No! No next course until the whole thing is gone!" Claire and Jen were stunned. The cake wasn’t so bad so they continued to eat it, they didn’t want to upset Kenney despite his suddenly rash tone. Although the cake was quite large, between the two girls they were able to polish it off no problem. The growing girls had made a hobby out of being able to pack it away, and even after the cake they still had plenty of room to continue going.

"Alright Kenny we finished the whole cake like you asked. Now you need to deliver on your promise of amazing food. What are you hiding in that kitchen anyways?" Claire was starting to get overly curious. She tried shifting her bulk so she could get up and take a look past those two big chase kitchen doors. It was easy for Kenny to keep her seated as her minimal effort did not yield her wide booty any distance from the plush cushion it had come accustom too in the past 30 minutes.

"No, no Claire.” Kenny insisted, stopping Claire in her tracks. “Stay here, I'll bring the next dish out. I swear you’ll love it." Kenney flashed her a smile as he pulled Jake into the kitchen with him to help. Claire was starting to get a little annoyed, but still held out hope that Kenny would deliver on his promise.

This time Kenny and Jake emerged with a presentable plate of meatloaf. Meatloaf wasn’t quite what the girls had in mind after their last course, but they knew meatloaf could be tasty in it’s own right, and they had no interested in sending back a meal before at least trying it. Each plate had a heaping pile of it, along with a side of buttery mashed potatoes. They dug in with their typical fervor, and they were both shocked when it was surprisingly good, best thing they had all night here. With their interest piqued they were packing the hearty meal away faster than everything that had come before.

By the time half her plate was gone Claire was ready for the next round. "Wow Kenny, that was pretty good. Maybe you’re not so full of it after all. What other goodies do you have? Hopefully it keeps getting better like this."

"No no no! Not until you finish your meatloaf Claire." Again Kenny made an outburst when Claire tried to not finish her plate. Again Claire didn’t put up a stink, at least she really liked the meatloaf and didn’t mind finishing the plate this time.

After the meatloaf their hosts graciously brought out yet another course. It seemed like there was a never ending parade of food back there, and Claire was starting to get nervous about this whole adventure. The food here ranged from okay to good, but certainly didn’t live up to the big talk. Also Kenney was being really weird about them finishing everything on their plate. After a few more courses Claire felt like they had seen enough. The girls were starting to feel the effects of their constant eating, as their dresses were noticeably tighter. The boys only looked on with lustful eyes as each girl put away each new dish.

As the last plate was finished Claire forced herself to lean back, subconsciously rubbing her full belly. Kenny and Jake watched as the two girl digested the large meals with pleasure. "Pretty good spread Kenny but I don't think it lives up to the hype you gave it." Claire finally spit out after allowing her mouth to rest for a minute.

"You sure seemed like you liked it, you ate everything we served. Didn’t leave even a scrap behind.” Kenny was trying to counter her argument.

"Not as good as what Jumpin' Jacks brings to the table." Jen added, as she smirked like they had just gotten away with a free meal, relishing in the full feeling she had come to love.

"Well then I guess I'll just have to keep trying to convince you." Kenny said with determination and slight rage in his voice.

“I think we’ve seen enough Mr. eager beaver.” Claire chuckled as she had already made up her mind about this whole thing. Claire slowly pushed herself up from her recliner, gingerly allowing her full belly to slosh in front of her.

"No this isn't over!” Kenny commanded. He paused before continuing in a softer but still agitated tone “I think it's time you came into the kitchen."

"Kenny.” Claire didn’t understand why this kid was being so stubborn. “I'm not sure I can handle any more." She said cradling her swollen belly to show just how full she was.

Kenny was not taking the hint, or maybe just didn’t want to."Of course you can! After the appetizer you had at the school and this ‘little snack’ you must still have plenty of room in that big belly of yours." Kenny was starting to step over the line, but he was the only one who wasn’t aware of it.

"Hey! Where do you get off saying that? The only reason we came here is because you said the food was to die for and it isn't! No amount of it is going to change our mind." Claire was starting to get heated.

Kenny took a step back and tried a new approach, this time laying on the charm. "Aww come on Claire, just come into the kitchen and you will see.” He said gently putting his arm around her soft shoulder. “One bite of what's in there and your whole opinion of this night will have changed." After all this back and forth Claire felt she had enough room for another small bite, so she finally backed down and allowed herself to be lead into the kitchen, Jen following in tow.

"Alright I'll give you one more chance.” Claire said she begrudgingly waddled alongside Kenny, her soft bulky body quivering with each step. “But only because you are cute.” Claire said in a moment of honesty.
After living a life of gluttony for so long now, Claire found herself reverting to her former pushover self when it came to these boys. Kenny was really cute, despite the fact that he had been kinda cocky and abrasive. He came off as kinda a nerd, but like a really cute nerd, and that's what drew Claire in and allowed herself to follow his orders.

As the girls pushed past the double doors they were finally able realized the extent of the meal that was being provided to them. There was food absolutely everywhere. On every surface there was a plate of something or a tray of something else, and Kenny's kitchen wasn't small, it was actually quite large.

The boys noticed that the girls were a little dumbfounded by what they saw, so Jake decided to speak up. "Well what do you think?"

Stuttering to answer the questing, Claire was finally able to respond. "Wow! That's a lot of food. These are all leftovers from one party?"

"Party?” Kenny stumbled. “Oh, oh yeah! All left overs, so it’s all free game, have whatever you want. I'm sure after you have more you will be in love with it."

Despite their eyes bugging out of their heads at the vast quantity of tasty food before them, they couldn’t deny the fullness radiating from their bellies. "Kenny, we are so full. I thought we were just coming in here for a small bite."

"Yeah that's all this is.” Kenny who clearly wasn’t living in reality at this moment “I know you big girls can handle it."

Surrounded by food, Claire and Jen just froze. That was until Kenny decided he needed to help them. “Here come take a seat.” There were two chairs that looked like eating stations just square in the middle of the kitchen. It seemed weird to the girls, but with how full they were, getting off their feet sounded like a nice idea. The chairs had a tray and swiveled in front of it, allowing plenty of room to place plates down in front of them.

The boys started bringing over plate after plate for them, the girls feeling obligated to each as much as they could. The food started to pile up, so they started eating quicker to try and catch up. They just wanted it to all be over, and if that meant eating this feast then that's what they were going to do. But even with the best intentions, they bellies were just too full to go on and soon enough they had to stop.

"Kenny stop. This is too much. I'm so full." Claire cried out.

"You can't be.” Kenny objected. “Look at all the food that's left. There’s got to be more room in that big belly of yours?" Kenny reached out giving Claire’s behemoth belly a pat, Claire defenseless to stop him.

"No Kenny, we are full.” Jen said coming to their defence. “If I eat another bite I'm going to burst out of this dress."

"I'd love to see that!" Jake chimed in with some excitement. Jake was most certainly not the ring leader here, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t certainly enjoying the ride. Jake had been taken with Jen from the moment he saw her, and had the same mindset as Kenny, and was very much enjoying watching these two fleshy girls eat. "Here have another slice of cheesecake!" He offered to her in hopes that tight dress would indeed pop off.
"No get that away from me!" Jen said as she pushed the cheesecake away causing Jake to pout. They both had had enough of this pushiness and insistence. "Come on Claire we are out of here." She said as she started to get up, offering a hand to her heavier friend.

"Where are you two going? You can't leave yet." Kenny pleaded.

"Thanks for everything Kenny, but we have had enough." Claire said as she got to her feet, taking a second to gain her composure. Claire wiping the crumbs off her pretty prom dress, that was almost ripping at the seams. She finally started to make her way towards the front of the house with Jen.

As the girls approached the front door the boys pleaded with them to stay. "You can't go. No more food, I promise. Just stay and relax awhile." Kenny tried anything to keep them there.

"I'm sorry Kenny, we are leaving." Claire retorted as they had reached the front door.

In a last ditch effort to keep them there Kenny grabbed Claire by the wrist. "No you can't leave yet!"

"Kenny! Let go of me!" Claire used her massive weight to pull back but Kenny held on. The two started to pull back and forth. When Kenny would yank, Claire would yank back.

“Kenny, stop!” Jen hollered, trying to get this creep off her best friend. Claire's massive body shook violently as the two of them struggled. When it seemed that Kenny was starting to lose the battle, they were both pulling as hard as they could, and then all of a sudden a loud rip was heard coming from Claire's dress.

Claire's dress had completely rip down one side of her taut and firm bulging belly. With the tension gone the dress fell off her shoulder and down to her ankles. This left her bulging pink flesh only covered by her bra and panties. Quickly bending over, which wasn’t easy for a girl her size or level of fullness, she scooped up the dress and used the rag to at least try to cover herself. Kenny had long since let go of his grip on her. "Kenny! Look what you have done!” Claire was out raged. Never had she been so mad or embarrassed. “Just leave us alone!" Claire was almost in tears as the two of them motioned towards the front door again.

Only a moment later Kenny said one last thing. "How are you going to leave? You didn't drive."

Claire turned back around with a face mad as can be "Can you please give us a ride back to the high school?" Claire said as she gritted her teeth.

"I will, honest. But do you really want to go back only covered by shreds of dress?" Kenny offering some sound advice, but still furthering his motives of having the girls stay longer.

"Well no, but what choice do I have now thanks to you." Claire really wanted to make it sting after how much a jerk Kenny had been this evening.

"Well let me see if my mom has anything you can borrow, she’s kinda big." Claire only getting more offended by his insensitive remarks, but he did have a point.

So Claire agreed in hopes to not risk further embarrassment. "Fine but then we leave."

"Of course. Just follow me upstairs so I can see what might fit." Claire followed Kenny upstairs, leaving Jen and Jake down in the hallway.
A female weight gain story about high school student Claire, who has a very unusual family tradition. Throughout she bonds with her friend Jen and chases boys as her weight steadily climbs higher as her high school years go by. I hope you enjoy it and I love the fav's and comments, I always like to hear what you have to say.

In this chapter, after going to the prom and eating out the entire table the catering company had provided, the girls were now on to a second location for round two. Oddity ensues on this tangential adventure in the lives of our growing high schools. They certainly eat plenty, but at what cost does it come. Stay tuned for more to come after as their little prom adventure wraps up.

Also sorry this one's took a bit longer than anticipated, other writing projects and of course life got in the way. Hopefully I'm back to a month by month schedule for the foreseeable future.

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If you are a fan of my work I urge you to check out my Patreon. Your support can mean a whole lot more from me, illustration commissions from my stories, and behind the scenes goodies all the time. And thank you to everyone who already gives me support.
Revivedracer209 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed, looks like the girls did have a price to pay for going with those two boys. Especially Kenny who was a genuine chubby chaser. It feels like we might not have seen the last of him especially.
mr-monopoly Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Yay! Someone reads my descriptions! I feel like I struggled making Kenny seem realistic, but I did my best. Chubby Chaser for sure, but I wanted to make him kinda like an over zealous boy who gets a chance to live the fantasy he's had in his head all these years, but it doesn't go as planned, since reality is never just like the fantasy. I think it could be better, but I'm trying to stay in the frame work of the rough draft I did for this.
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