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Jill awoke the next day, the day of her second photo shoot. Her last thoughts before she went to bed were going to come true, time for breakfast. Jill got up and wiped her mouth off. She looked down at the sauce stains on her shirt and decided to change.

She took off her shirt and went to her closet to find something sexy to wear. She wanted to look good when she showed up to the shoot and she also wanted to look good for any males that were watching. She realized that she really didn’t have to look good, she was a model and everyone there would know it.

It is a good thing there was not a mirror on her room because if she saw it she could realized that her self-image was not what the world saw and defiantly not what tourists saw in  the postcards she was about to put her face all over. It was hard enough not to realize that she was not the hot model she believed she was by the large belly that hung in front of her and the large ass she sat on to scarf down her ever fattening breakfast.

But still she was not aware and ordered a huge breakfast as always. She got her dream breakfast from last night, stacks and stacks of French toast which she covered in melting butter and sugary syrup. She had been craving them when she fell asleep and with her great modeling job she was able to afford whatever she wanted to eat on the company’s dollar.

As always she made a mess of herself. The dried wing sauce was now mixed with syrup and butter around her mouth. She finished her meal easily. She was starting to be able to handle more and more food. She wished that she had ordered a bit more because her belly was not as full as she was used to feeling it. She soon got over that when she found cubbards full of snackcakes in the kitchen. She broke into a few of them and filled her mouth until she got that full feeling in her stomach. She rubbed her full belly and before she could go clean up there was a knock at the door.

“I bet I know who that is” Jill said as she jiggled her way to the front of the house. She opened the door and of course Greg was awaiting her.

“Hurry” he said as he grabbed her out of the house. “We are going to be late.”

“Late? Then maybe you should have gotten here a little bit earlier” Jill said as he rushed her to the car. “What about shoes, I’m not even wearing shoes?”

“You’re going to the beach darling, you don’t need shoes.” Jill got into Greg’s car and they were off. Like always Jill had no clue where they were going, but the two of them seemed to arrive on time. Greg got out of the car and started to rush off. “I’m leaving you in the hands of my assistant; she will take great care of you.”

“Assistant?” Jill questioned

“Hi” Jill heard a squeaky voice say from behind her “Nice to meet you, I’m Mel, Greg’s assistant.”

“Oh, well nice to meet you Mel.”

“If you need anything at all just let me know. I’ll be telling you where you need to go and when you need to be there. Don’t worry everyone knows about you and everyone is very friendly so don’t be afraid to ask anyone a question.”

“Well thank you Mel. I guess I will ask what I am supposed to be doing now?”

“Well you don’t have to be anywhere just yet, so you can just hang around and get to know some of the people.”

“Well tell me about yourself then Mel.” Mel didn’t have a lot to say. She was about the same age as Jill, early twenties, and had been working for the company for less than a year. She had a bit better of an IQ than Jill and that explained why she was not the model and instead the assistant. One of her friends had become a model for this company the same way Jill did and Mel was asked if she wanted to become one too. When Mel refused to sign a contract after learning their true nature of business she applied to become Greg’s assistant. Her ditsy friend had fallen into their trap and Mel tried from the inside to get her out. Unfortunately Mel never saw her friend again so was unable to warn of you the lifestyle to come.

Now Mel would be a great person to show Jill the error of her ways, but after dealing with this business for almost a year she had become tainted. She no longer wants to help anyone silly enough to fall into their trap. If they are fine with becoming over sized whales then more power to them.

She was fully aware that Jill was in denial about her weight, or too stupid to realize that eating the way she did in her condo was making her bigger every day. But she was not going to say a word about it. She was paid well enough to keep her mouth shut and keep the models happy.

Little did Mel know that she was also getting played. She had lost her touch with reality being surrounded by fat women for an entire year. The company had started overfeeding Mel slowly without her realizing it. Compared to what she saw the models eating her meals seemed like a standard portion. Mel had gained a little weight but none that she had noticed. It had come on very slowly. The company considered this their little side project.

But they also had to worry about their main project, especially today. Jill was going to see some of the other large models and it was going to be tricky to either keep her in denial or get her to see it their way.

“Why are they photographing that beached whale?” Jill asked Mel when she had finally taken everything into her perception. The woman modeling was quite large and very unattractive to Jill’s eyes.

“Well we have many different types of postcards what we produce. Some are sexy, some are plain, and some are humorous. We have a group of larger models that we use of funny comical postcards.”

“Oh like the one I posed for that got me the job. I don’t know if you saw it but they used a computer to make me look almost as big as her. I was shocked at first because I knew I gained a little weight at the resort I was staying at, but once I realized that they had used a computer I agreed to model as long as they accepted me for me didn’t alter my later pictures. Thankfully I have lost all the weight I gained at the resort since moving into my condo. I worked out a lot since getting the job. I just want to look great for my audience.” Jill might have lost a pound or two if she worked out as much as she planned on, but so often her plans were interrupted.

“It defiantly shows. Well you should probably head on over to make-up” Mel said, eyeing her mouth. Mel directed her there and they went to work on Jill right away. Mel then led her to try on some suits. The man in charge of wardrobe complemented Jill on her even tan. This pleased Jill and made her want to get an even better one. After this the two of them were just waiting for the girl currently modeling to be done, and then it was Jill’s turn.

“Who is that up there now?”

“Oh, that’s another of Greg’s girls. Her name is Faith. She had been modeling for a couple of months now.”

“Greg has large girls on his staff too?” As Jill looked at Faith she saw her really showing off her curves. Faith was a big girl, almost as big as the first one that Jill saw. There was something different about Faith though, Jill wasn’t repulsed by her like she was with the ‘beached whale’. Jill actually thought she was pretty cute.

“It’s actually his specialty.”

“Wow, I would have never known. Well he really knows how to pick em, behind all that fat Faith looks like she would be a cute girl.”

“Oh yes she is quite popular because of her looks.” After a short pause it was finally Jill’s turn. “Alrighty Jill, it’s your time to shine.” Jill heaved herself over in front of the photographer and started posing for her pictures. They took picture after picture; Jill thought they were never going to stop. But after a while and a few different bikinis her shoot was over. A skinny hot Mexican woman came up to Jill and told her she did a great job as she proceeded to start modeling.

Mel then led Jill to where Greg was. He had just been talking to three large ladies and then he turned to talk to Jill.

“You did great Jill. Everyone’s eyes were on you.” Greg exclaimed

“Gee thanks Greg. I just feel so natural in front of camera.”

“Well you have had quite the day, how about I give you a ride home of you can get off those feet and rest.”

“That sounds just perfect.” The two of them got into his car and Jill waved goodbye to Mel as she was standing next to the refreshments table nibbling on a doughnut. “Hey Greg can I ask a favor of you?”

“Sure thing darling.”

“Well I really enjoyed my tan yesterday and just wondered if we could go back some times soon and work on it a bit more. I mean I just want to look my best for the picture. Since this is my career now I really want to work every day on having my body look its best.”

“Oh believe me; you work hard every day to look good. I’d say we could go tomorrow but I have a surprise for you tomorrow”

“Really, more surprises for me?”

“Yep, and all I can say about it is just don’t order breakfast until I get there tomorrow.”

“Oh I’m so curious now” Jill said as she giggled. “I can’t wait.” Jill and Greg had arrived to her condo, and as always, Greg led her to her door. Jill squeezed into her house and Greg left, telling her again about how wonderful a job she did.

Jill was starving. The second she walked in her mind could only think about food. She had only eaten the large French toast breakfast and the snack cakes today. It was still only mid afternoon so she ordered out for a snack. She ordered from the same burger joint that she liked so much and they pulled up her old order again and said that it was already on its way.

Jill had brought home some of the bikinis that she had modeled in so she went to her bedroom to put them away. She changed from her sexy outfit she had worn to the shoot, the one that still had sticky syrup and butter stains from this morning, into something a bit more comfortable. She pulled on a t-shirt and some sleeping boxers. Her doorbell rang and she rushed to answer it. The delivery boy handed her the big bags and she took them inside.

This was quite the afternoon snack. It was almost a week ago when she had ordered this meal without the additional boxes of chicken nuggets for just dinner alone. Now she was planning on eating this whole greasy meal and then getting a serious sized dinner. Jill started unwrapping burgers as fast as she was eating them. She was washing everything down with thick milkshakes and eating bites of chicken in between helpings. When she was done with her “snack” she looked at the clock and realized how late it was. “How it’s getting late I should order dinner, I gotta be up early for my surprise.

She wiped her greasy hand on her wide hips and then reached in the draw for a takeout menu. She found a new fried chicken menu in her hands and started reading it all over. After not being able to decide what to get she just decided to call and ask their opinion. She got the guy behind the counter at the store and asked him what was good. He started listing all sorts of foods and Jill was losing track of everything he was saying. There were mashed potaoes with all sorts of fixings and ten different kinds of fried chickens and gravy came on everything. After a brief pause and some hesitation on Jills part the man asked her if she wanted him to put together an order for her. She told him that would be great. His rely was that she would be most satisfied with what he picked for her and she would not go hungry.

Jill was relieved that her decision was made for her. Her stomach was still quite full from her ‘snack’ but her fried chicken was now coming either way. It arrived on a large tray. Jill brought it in to her leaving room and removed the lid. The aroma that hit her nose was straight out of a southern kitchen. It smelled like grandmas country style cooking. There was a feast set before her. Buckets of fried chicken were laid out for her each accompanied by some mashed potatoes and containers of gravy. There were some sticks of butter in the try ready to be added to the warm piles of potatoes. Bowls of corn swimming in butter sauce were contained on the try too. Jill got a bottle of soda out of the refrigerator and started to eat her feast.

She started with the small popcorn chicken clusters. She covered them all in gravy and dipped them in buttery potatoes before poping them in her mouth. After that she started ripping the skin and meat off chicken bones. Between legs she would eat mouthfuls of warn butter oozing potatoes. The rate Jill could eat was expanding expentionally. She had just downed all those burgers and she wasn’t slowing down on the chicken. Saw was drinking the corn right out of the bowl. Butter splashed everywhere. Jill didn’t care; she just focused on her food. Her hands became covered in grease and butter and potatoes, but she just kept eating more and more chicken.

She started to slow down as she reached the end of the big feast. Jill had finished her soda and almost downed another one already. Her greasy hands could barely hold on to the bottle. She was drinking so fast she was getting it all over herself. As she finished she licked her fingers and wiped her hands off. She rubbed her huge belly in satisfaction.

“And I was really hoping to have some deserts tonight, but I’m way too full for that now.” Jill said to herself. And she was not lying. There was not enough room for any deserts in Jill’s belly, especially not the amount Jill would order.

Jill willfully went to bed full can content.
Part 4

Sorry this took so long. I'm back in the writing mood, so I might have part 5 up soon. I wouldn't hold your breath tho. I have also been working on some other writings and I have been doing another sketch of Hadoukenchips artwork. So hopefully this school year I will be able to post some stuff. I have a pretty busy schedule.
Orumon Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2010
I'm enjoying this story very much so far. Off to see how the rest plays out.
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