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August 30, 2013
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Nothing beats the physical attraction two adults can have for one another. The second I laid eyes on Becky I was immediately attracted to her. There were plenty of other women around but I couldn't help but keep my eyes fixated on Becky. She was the most beautiful woman in the room. Becky was wearing a tight green dress that showed off her body quite well. Becky was a slim girl but had a ample bust (aka the reason I was so attracted to her). The slit on her collar gave just enough of a peek at her cleavage to tease at what else would lie below. I went over to her and introduced my self. We could see outside so I said some cheesy line about the night sky. "Beautiful night, right?"

"It sure is." She responded.

"I couldn't help but notice you from my table over there. I have this problem where I can't resist telling a pretty girl how attractive she is."

"Oh really? Is that what brought you over here?"

"Yeah, you quite stunning and you needed to know" I said with an air of confidence.

"Your cute." She said

"Thanks. I'm Brad by the way."

"Becky." She replied as she extended her hand for a shake.

"So Becky, your boyfriend isn't going to come out of that coffee shop and smack the shit out of me for paying you a compliment, is he?"

She laughed. A cheesy line is cheesy no matter how well you say. "No, no. I'm here alone and I don't have a boyfriend."

"Oh is that so? How is a beautiful girl like you not scooped up?"

"Well I don't think it will be long before I'm off the market." Bam I was so in. We kept chatting all night. It was hard not to stare at her marvelous chest, but I think I didn't a good job of hiding my glances. As the night started to wind down we started to exchanged information. Even her hand writing was super cute.

Before I left Becky had one more thing to say. "So you know how you have a problem that makes you compliment pretty girls? I have a problem too. I have an eating problem, I just love food, I can't help myself. I hope that's not a problem?" I laughed. Was she serious? She wasn't pin thin but Becky was pretty skinny.

"Well you hide it well." I joked. I shrugged it off, what did it matter that this lovely girl liked to order desert after her meal. But i didn't know how honest Becky was being. A week later we went out again. She wore the same tight fitting green dress and I could tell is was fitting a bit tighter. Not by much, but before where her butt was fitting nicely in the short dress it was now a bit more snug and giving what little fabric was back there a run for its money.

And a week after that, when we went out I could see a more defined pot belly on Becky. The changes were subtle, but as more and more weeks went by the small changes started to add up. After another week Becky's little tight green dress was almost unwearable. Before the little slit where I could spy some her cleavage was now completely open. Her boobs tightened up the fabric so much that any fabric that used to hide them was now stretched off to the side. All night Becky pulled at the bottom of her dress. Every step she took caused the short thing to ride up. It was battle all night to not moon someone in the restaurant. This was the last night I ever saw Becky wear that dress.

Becky was looking as cute as ever though. We always had a great time when we went out. It might have been her tantalizing rack that attracted me in the first place, but it was her personality that kept me coming back.

It was no wonder that Becky was getting so chubby. Her eating problem was no small thing. Becky loved to snack and eat at any opportunity. The first stop in my apartment when she came to visit was my fridge. Becky just had a love for food I guessed. The extra pounds didn't seem to bother her at all and it was no problem for me.

In the following weeks our relationship started to get more physical. Becky was just as amazing in the bedroom as she was outside of it. Her massive chest didn't disappoint *wink*. But as these weeks went on so did Becky's eating. She was starting to get quite chubby. Her belly now bobbed in front of her when she walked. It had quite the mesmerizing jiggle. Becky was used to having huge boobs, but nothing like this. Her bras started to become over taxed by their load. She was constantly overflowing her cups. Her booty and hips had also taken some of the extra calories. None of this deterred Becky one bit though, if anything it seemed like Becky's appetite was growing with her waist line.

I was falling hard for Becky. We had an amazing relationship and were both so happy. I loved her more than anyone before. As our relationship became more and more intimate things just got better between us. It had only been a few short months but we decided to move in together. Becky gave up her place and moved in with me. The transition was easy because she was practically living with me before the move.

It was at this point that I would have called Becky fat. When we met she was of normal stature with big boobs. After we started dating she started to plump up and became quite chubby. At this point she was down right fat. Her bottom bubbled out behind her and her thick thighs flared out at the sides. Her soft midsection was now wrapping all the way around her. Becky had also given in a bought some new bras. Hers were starting to snap and fit uncomfortable due the enlarged size of her chest.

Becky had become lazier in her larger state, not by much, but it was still a week or two until we got around to unpacking the last of her boxes. As we sat there unloading the last few, Becky with snack in hand obviously, we stumbled across the old green dress from Becky's skinnier days. I held up the dress and showed her. "Look darling at what I found."
Becky turned her head to look. "Oh my old favorite dress." She said in that nostalgic tone of voice. "The one that attracted you in the first place. Too bad I got too fat for it." Now Becky didn't drop the 'F' word very often and we had never really talked about all the weight she had gained since we started dating, so I wanted to tread lightly as I followed here.

'I bet we can find a new one in your size...' No that's awful. That's like saying 'let's look for one in size fat ass.'

'I bet it still fits! Let's try it on!...' Who am I kidding, that dress would rip in half before it made it over her boobs let alone her stomach and butt.

"Who needs that dress anyway, I love you in what you're wearing now, so sexy."

"A tank top and jeans?"

*Roar* "You know it. I mean what shows off you cleavage any better than this?" I mean for real, those boobs looked amazing in that tank top.

Becky laughed at my bad joke and continued to unpack. When the boxes were as empty as Becky's snack tray, we rounded up all the clothes that didn't fit my larger lover and donated them. I held on to the green dress though. I put it in storage for later. That dress held a lot of good memories for both of us.

Becky and I had been going strong for months now. A lot had changed since we had that first date. We were now in love, we now lived together, and the changes to Becky were more than obvious. The one thing that had not changed was Becky's 'eating problem'. She still loved to snack and eat constantly. She even got into the habit of eating before, during, and after our love making sessions.

Another thing that had changed though was I stopped complementing girls I found attractive, mainly because nothing could live up to Becky. Becky had become the love of my life and no matter how many pounds she gained she had always been the most beautiful girl I had laid eyes on.

Becky seemed indifferent about her weight. To her it just seemed like a side effect of eating so much, something she loved to do. I was personally enjoying the added pounds. Not only was her chest expanding rapidly which I loved, but I started to appreciate the rest of her curves as well. Her bulging belly was soothing and soft. As I rubbed it I felt more intimate with my partner and more aroused. The added pounds made our bedroom adventures that much better. Soon the eating and her growing was turning me on more and more. I loved to see Becky out grow a pair of pants or a hot top. It also helped that she wore her clothes no matter how tight they got. I fell in love with each and every curve of her body and the more curves that grew the harder it was to resist her.

Becky began to notice that I was taking to her new size well and started to use it to her advantage. Belly play and feeding worked their way into the bedroom. We started to play out our wildest fantasies constantly. Becky used her body in all sorts of ways to drive me wild and I used food to amp Becky up. The girl cannot resist a treat.

Life was good for the two of us. We had been together for a year and I had decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Becky. One night I took her out to dinner at her favorite place. I had a dress custom made for the occasion. It was a replica of her old favorite green dress in her new size. I got it a bit snug for my viewing pleasure but beyond that I was the perfect dress. We ate and then I ordered over some champagne and in her glass was a diamond ring. I got down on one knee and the whole bit, and of course she said yes. I was finally going to marry the woman of my dreams. The only problem ahead was curbing her appetite so she would still fit into her wedding dress between the fitting and the wedding.

*Epilogue two years later*

Two years later and things were pretty similar for this married couple. Becky's weight gain plateaued off fairly quickly. She still ate like no other, but was finally able to keep a consistent wardrobe. One thing she was unable to do again though was fit into her favorite dress. I had been keeping them in storage all these years. One night I took them out to show Becky. It was hard to believe that she once fit in the small dress in front of her. It was a little bit more believable that she fit in the larger of the two. So believable that I had her try it on. The night I had proposed over two years ago that dress had been overly tight. At this point it was more of rag than a dress. The bottom came to just the bottom of her belly, not an inch covered her bum. She had to rip the slit in the neck to accommodate her boobs. The seams at the sides were starting to split from the tension of her stomach. It looked like her dress had been hit by a shrink ray. I could not have been more turned on to see her in such am ill fitting dress with all of her curves bulging out everywhere. That night ended like many of our others. The dress ended up ripped in two and on the floor, a few treats and some light petting was all that dress needed to give way. That's alright you can always replace a dress but you can't replace the memories of that night.
I saw a cute girl with big boobs and wondered what the possibilities were. One plane ride later and this is what came out. I hope you like it, I found it to be an interesting write and read.

I also wrote an erotic ending. It's not my typical flavor and doesn't fit with the rest of the story but I'll link to it if that's something you are interested in reading.… By no means feel obligated to read that section, it consists of no story progression from what was posted here.
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Great glad your back lol
I enjoyed the reading. Thank you!!!
mr-monopoly Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! I enjoyed writing it.

Great story, very nicely written.


Ned Fox

mr-monopoly Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you!
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ObeseQueen Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I loved Becky's personality, but I found the narrator a bit shallow, to be honest.  Perhaps he didn't need to mention repeatedly that it was her rack that attracted him.  Also, I was incensed on Becky's behalf when he said that the reason he stopped complimenting other women because he found her more beautiful than all others... the reason should be out of respect for their relationship.  

Still, thank you for the lovely story.  And I did especially enjoy your alternate erotic ending.
mr-monopoly Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the amazing feedback. I really appreciate your view points on the story.
wow this is a great story! i'd be interested in reading the full version. feel free to post a link to it! thanks for sharing!
mr-monopoly Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Just got the other part posted. Feel free to enjoy.
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